News Update 11/13/16

Position statements of both WCPLSA and the Library were posted November 13, 2016. They are both available in the dropdown under the Executive Council tab!

News Update 3/24/16

New Constitution & Bylaws were adopted on January 24, 2016.  Check them out!

News Update 11/5/2015

Free training (and dinner!):
OEA has a FREE dinner and training opportunity coming up Wednesday, November 11, from 4:00 – 8:00 PM:

WOEA Fall Forum
Tippecanoe High School
615 E Kessler-Cowlesville Rd
Tipp City, OH 45371

The Fall Forum is open to all members, and will include dinner, an OEA briefing and breakout sessions on several topics. You do NOT have to be an officer or current committee member to attend, and while some of the breakout sessions are specific to school settings, many cover topics that would help us organize, work with the community, and provide good representation for our members in contact with management.

Please consider attending – check out the link at to see what’s on the agenda and choose your breakout session. Note: The event, including dinner, is FREE. The location, while north of town, is doable in a little under 40 minutes from Centerville.

Survey reminder:
If you are a support staff member at WCPL, please complete the OEA Support Professionals survey which was recently distributed. (In the library, the support professionals group is basically everyone except those with “Specialist” in their job title. If you have a question about whether the group includes you, please ask Joyce or Jenn.) Your input is vital to help OEA learn about our workplace, and to help them plan the support staff conference coming up in Columbus in February!

Please return your survey personally and on non-work time to any member of the Executive Council (Jenn, Anne, Viola, Joyce) any time before November 15. The survey is paper-only, not online; if you still need one, please see any Executive Council member to get yours.

Organizing Committee Update 2/4/2015

The Organizing Committee’s latest meeting was Sunday, 1/18/2015 from 5:15-6:15. We currently have 5 members: Jeanne Mueller (Chair), Julie Stanton, Debe Dockins, Viola Cropper & Ruth Anne Attalla. Our purpose is to plan and implement activities to support our negotiating team and the unit as a whole.
Our next meeting is 2/8/2015 at 5:15 at the Clubhouse at Hunter’s Glen, and we will be making WCPLSA buttons for the BU staff. Anyone who would like to help out is welcome to show up, and if you have previous experience with button makers, we’ll be overjoyed to see you.

News Update 1/25/2015

For All Members:

WCPLSA has been hard at work, making plans and gathering input.  Check out everything we’ve been up to, and as always, please let us know if you have questions or additional thoughts by talking to an officer or emailing


The Constitution & Bylaws (C & B) Committee members have been working to update the WCPLSA constitution & bylaws following our vote to become an OEA affiliate.

The committee met Saturday 1/17/2015 for 90 minutes after having first looked over and made notes on the 2008 WCPLSA C & B and a sample of a current OEA C & B document. The committee had no real disagreements over anything that was proposed, and we have modified the sample OEA document, which is much more robust and covers many more situations than our old C & B.

The one provision that we were concerned about is that OEA, being primarily set up to cover teachers’ unions, requires all of its affiliates to follow the Educator’s Code of Ethics: We asked our OEA rep, Scott Maney, if we had to include the mentions regarding following this code of ethics. He wasn’t sure and pursued it further and found that yes, we did have to include it, but we were allowed to add “when/where applicable” after each mention of that code of ethics in the C & B.
The first draft of the C & B is pretty much completed, although it still needs proofreading, formatting and a few minor tweaks. Then it needs to be put through a test to make sure we have all the OEA required portions, and after that, it should be ready to be voted on by membership.

Thanks to Jeanne Mueller (chairing the committee, and also making the report above), and members Jeanne Matson and Serena Cordonnier, for their work on this. The documents will come up for a ratification vote upon completion. Watch the website and your email for further news on our Constitution and Bylaws.


The Negotiating Committee met once in December and again in January, and plans were made for the member survey which was recently completed.

Current contracts of other libraries’ collective bargaining units (e.g., Norwalk, Greene County, and Dayton Metro) were reviewed at the January meeting and discussed. Another meeting is set to go over the survey results and continue planning.

The Negotiating Committee recently welcomed Viola Cropper (thank you, Viola!) as our newest member! Other members are Joyce Fisher, Julie Stanton and Jenn Balbo.


A few members are needed to work on the Elections Committee. This requires attending WCPLSA meetings and counting votes, posting notices about dates & places of elections, and reporting results. Members of the Elections Committee must not be persons running for WCPLSA office.  If you’re interested, please contact Joyce or Jenn. If you have any questions about how the Elections Committee works, Jeanne Mueller has served on elections and can explain from first-hand experience what happens and how to do the task.

Current Officers

President: Joyce Fisher
Vice President: Jenn Balbo
Secretary: Anne Wachs
Treasurer: Viola Olson

Constitution and Bylaws

Adopted June 9, 2009 – NO LONGER CURRENT. REFER TO JANUARY 24, 2016 C&B.

WCPLSA Constitution


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